Oct 01th-05th 2012


1st Project Meeting: school visit, introductory welcome meeting. Project workshop on ways forward, drawing up of Evaluation Plan.



Presentations of partner schools. Excursion to local football ground. Student sports competition.

October 2012

All Partners

Competition to design and select the project’s logo.



Open to all students.

November 2012

All Partners

Traditional and innovative playground games.



Students to write, draw,video a favourite playground activity to share with partner schools.

December 2012

All Partners

Postcards, letters or painting.



Partners to send via postal service pieces of children’s work.

Dec 10th-15th 2012


2nd Project Meeting: School visit, excursion to local leisure center,interactive school-based sports activities.



Opportunity for teacher development.

January 2013

All Partners

Collected date from Student Activity and Fitness Diary presented on web page.




February 2013

All Partners

Research work on students National sports personality shared with partners.




Feb 25th –

Mar 02nd 2013


3rd Project Meeting: school visit excursions to and activities in local basketball school, cultural exhibits, leisure facility.



Exhibition of work submitted to school health newspaper.

Aprill 2013

All Partners

Production of e-dictionary on web page. 



Words or phrases connected to sports, health and well-being.

May 13rd-17th 2013


4th Project Meeting:shcool visit, workshop evaluating 1st year of project and outlining the next.



Mini Olympic Games. Children plan Mini Olympics by thinking about the benefits of sports, E.g. Health, friendship, rules, leadership, etc. Schools are to take videos of the children taking part in sports and discussing the benefits.

 June 2013

 All Partners

Project book compiled and produced.



Reflecting on memorable events and activities which have occurred durig 1st year of partnership, including a general directory on associated topics.

September 2013

 All Partners

Breakfast Diaries.



Presentation of results from a selection of Breakfast Diaries.

October 2013

All Partners

 Partnership Healthy Food Awareness Days.



 Schools present various foods from other partners countries which students, staff, parents and local community link representatives can sample.

November 2013


 5th Projeck Meeting: exhibition of work from Food Awareness Days, shcool visit, students spotr tournament.



 Interactive outdoor recreational visits, opportunity for teacher developmen, visit around local area, workshop to plan subsequent join activities.

December 2013

All Partners

 Jointly agreed evaluation worksheet on students` design for a healthy balanced meal for partner school.

January 2014

All Partners

 Health and Fitness Brochure.



 Compilation of the students previous work with the inclusion of additional information aimed at promoting health education.

January 2014


 6th Projeck Meeting: school visit, workshop to evaluate activities to date and create worksheetsfor following project activities.



 School -based sport activities, excursion to local sports facility.

Feb/March 2014

All Partners

 Results from jointly agreed survey of students` leisure activities shared on web page/blogs.

Aprill 2014


 7th Project Meeting: workshop on ways forward including evaluation of data comparisons for next project activity and developments of blog page.



 School visit, cultural exhibits, school-based sports activities and competition.

May 2014

All Partners

 Students to take part in International Walk-to-School Week 2014.

June 2014


 8th Final Project Meeting: discussion on whole project – areas of success and future development ideas and contact.



 Students and staff feedback, final report, school visit, cultural excursion, dance activities and demonstrations.