Meeting in Vilnius

Lithuania is a wonderful country ; on the other hand , it is very cold. Despite its weather conditions , we all had great fun. We met many new friends and we still talk to each other. I feel lucky because I’m one of those who went there. Each of us stayed with a family. I stayed with a 15-year-old girl whose name is  Anastasia. They showed interest to me and treated me well. Everyday we did many activies together but we didn’t get bored.We visited museums , castles and historical places. I tooke photographs everywhere. My friends didn’t make me feel lonely. I thank them and I love them very much.


Lithuania is realliy wonderful country.I liked there !!

Lithuania is big and beatiful country.We visited lots of historiad  places. I miss Lithuania so much. We just stayd 4 days there but we loved there so much. Lithuvania’s people are fumy, lovely and very good.We want to go there again.I think, Comenius projekt is very very good projekt we met very good guys and weloughed all the time thenks for everything.

I loved Lithuania and I loved Lithuania family and friends. Liza, Sasha and Anastasija  are sweet and friendly. We are painted nail at night and We talked about singers.I met new friends.I got fun. Thank you for everything. I Love Lithuania.
Ceren Mert from Turkey

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