Poland with love!!!


Romanian teem want to share  some impressions of Poland Meeting.

”I met wonderful peoples, I saw a lot of great things. 

I observed that the children are not differently. Poland is a big country with nice places. 

It was a very great trip. I really enjoyed there.”

 Gabriel Banciu – 6th grade


”Poland is a beautiful country with people tidy and well organized. It is a country full of wonderful places to be visited and admired. Polish seems to me a little heavy, but beautiful and interesting. My host family, whom I thank very much supported me, taught me that any object, regardless of its size has a well deserved place in the house. I learned from them that friendship is something that should be in any man’s life.

I liked very much this trip!!!!”

 Iulia Natea – 6th grade


The video about the experiences of Spanish Team lived in Poland.

This is a very good idea to create such a great movie.

Clic to watch it http://youtu.be/8eOK3PMbDvo

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