2nd Meeting in Poland

  About ‘Comenius’ in Poland!!!

                                                   All we need is love

This amazing days that we’ll surely remember the rest of our life.

Estonian Team http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=whmAsP4hL6Q

All the representatives of the countries ( England, France, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Turkey)had the opportunity to visit the Polish primary school (Szloka Podstawowa Nr. 11) Inovroslava city in December 2012, where we were greeted by a detachment of scouts, and students in the traditional costumes sang the song and traditionally offered us some bread and salt. Such a touching performance!

We were pleasantly surprised by friendly  atmosphere at  the school. We liked the classrooms which were decorated with numerous booths, crafts and creative works of  school students. We attended some classes and learned about the methods of teaching, tried   national cuisine, took part in sports competitions, games and quizzes. But the most interesting event was the  football match between a students’ team  and a teachers’  team.

The school Szloka Podstawowa Nr. 11 of Inowroclaw organized an amazing trip to the neighbouring city  Torun, which  is  known as the place where  Copernicus lived. The project participants visited the planetarium, theatre and watched a Christmas show written  by Charles Dickens. Then students and teachers baked special Christmas bread at the Museum of gingerbread. .

Students have had a lot of positive experience while living in Polish families. They had the opportunity to look at life in the family inside. Children got plenty of care and love at Polish families. We have learnt how Polish are kind, generous, helpful, honest and open-minded. Our children saw how mush love and respect were at the Polish family, how the members of every family followed to the customs and traditions of their country. The children met plenty of new people and made  new  friends.  They have found how much they have had in common.

This week of work in the project has brought together a team of students and teachers, has helped to improve the communicative and linguistic competence, has improved  participants’ health and  has inspired  confidence in our  abilities,

We have got new ideas in the framework of the project ‘Wake-up, Shake-up: promoting health and fitness’ and  have found new  friends.

We are grateful to the Polish team for the perfect arrangements and  organization and hospitality. Everything was marvellous!

Thank you very much!

 Spanish Team lived in Poland http://youtu.be/8eOK3PMbDvo







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